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Five Clouds

Shigushan Area Vision Plan

Baoji, Shaanxi Province, PRC

Studio Vass

Concept and master plan for a community and tourist destination featuring cultural, recreational, residential, and retail-entertainment districts. The community’s museum of culture and history, designated in the master plan to be an architectural landmark, focuses on the history of Chinese civilization and, since Baoji is the center of its origin – the robust legacy of Zhou-Qin culture in particular.

“Rising up before you, like the mast of a great ship, is the first of five massive multi-story towers supporting the world’s longest curvilinear suspension bridge. With the tapered pinnacles of its towers reaching high into the morning mist, and its titanium surfaces glowing in the first light of dawn, it seems to float over the valley like a pathway in the clouds.”

Project Details


Jeff Mayer + Partners, Irvine, California

Creative Services

Concept development and comprehensive walk-through master plan narrative describing the visitor experience.