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Theme Park Restaurant

Conceived as the signature dining location for a themed leisure destination, the restaurant’s reception and dining areas connect guests to the destination’s “island-lost-in-time” story world, both thematically and through show elements.

The plan for the reception area features a domed screen displaying a continuous CGI panorama of the surrounding terrain and subsurface lagoon waters with interactive touch tables allowing guests to explore the terrain and trigger embedded animations.

The high-domed dining rooms evoke the traditional structures of indigenous island cultures while rock formations penetrate and accent the interior, summoning up the mystique of the island’s ancient origins and the natural forces that shaped it.

The restaurant’s Marquee show component – dream-like animations of sea life projected on moving water curtains and featuring an underwater ballet of glowing, animatronic jellyfish – plays out in the lagoon below the dining room windows and tiered outdoor dining decks.

Project Details

Design Consultant

Brad McDonald

Creative Services

Concept, Walk-through